Sending a greeting card is one of my favorite ways to stay connected with loved ones. It’s an especially meaningful gesture with friends and family who live far away. Of course it’s always fun to send a gift along with the greeting, but you don’t have to ship a big package to make your greeting more memorable. I’ve come up with a list of my favorite unique gift ideas that kids (and adults!) will love AND that fit easily into a card without adding to the postage.



At Paper Balloon, we love temporary tattoos (clearly!). I think these little packs of fun are a perfect addition to any card. Kids (and adults!) love them and, since they typically last up to a week, you can rest assured that your thoughtful greeting will be enjoyed well past the day it is received in the mail.



Embroidered patches are trendy and adorable and kids will have fun adding them to their backpack or jacket. They are also small and light-weight which means they’ll fit perfectly into a card without increasing postage. I love the fun designs from J Crew’s critter patch collection, found here.



Who doesn’t love an ice cream treat? A gift card to a nearby ice cream shop is a perfect way to sweeten up a greeting. Not able to track down a gift card in time? Send a $10 bill and let them know this cash is strictly reserved for a trip to the ice cream shop. Bonus points if you send enough to treat the parents as well!



Flower seeds are a unique gift idea that is a creative and memorable addition to a card sent in the spring or summertime. Your recipient will love planting them + watching them grow. These fun and unique plantable paper flowers are from Paper Sprouts Etsy shop. Check them out as they have an impressive collection of various plantable paper gifts.



Sometimes we’ll include a few printed photos of a recent vacation or of us together with written captions on the back for a most personal touch. These photos will be remembered and are an especially great way to keep connected living far apart.


As you can see, sending a greeting doesn’t require a big package, or a whole lot of $$, to be meaningful and remembered. We hope these unique gift ideas inspire you to send greetings, maybe even with the occasional added surprise inside. It’s a great way to keep in touch in a personal and meaningful way.