When searching for the perfect gift for a child, we immediately think of toys and start browsing the most popular dolls, cars, and games. But, as more and more parents are trying to reduce the number of toys piling up in the playroom, maybe a non-toy gift would be a better option. There are many non-toy gifts can be appreciated for years and create more lasting enjoyment. We have come up with our favorite non-toy gifts for children. We selected these gifts for their longevity of use and also for the quality of enjoyment they bring to the child.



Every kid needs a sleeping bag to use for play, sleepovers, and cozy movie nights at home, which makes this a unique gift idea that will get much use for years to come.¬†This adorable sleeping bags is from the Land of Nod “How do you Zoo” collection, which you can also personalize with a name for a more unique gift. You can find this fox one here.




Kids love getting mail, and with a magazine subscription, they can look forward to a package every month with a new magazine just for them. The Highlights magazine is a great classic, and even has different magazine levels depending on the child’s age, starting with an indestructible infant magazine series. Each magazine features a theme and includes stories and activities that you can share with your child. You can even order the Highlights magazine subscription easily from Amazon here.




Another unique non-toy gift idea is travel luggage or a duffel bag to use for weekends at the grandparents, a vacation, or sports and other activities. Pottery Barn offers a wide assortment of high-quality travel gear with a great selection of prints that can also be personalized. The rolling suitcases shown above can be found here.




Kids love to help in the kitchen, and having tools that are their size makes this activity easier and a lot more fun! Williams Sonoma offers a great assortment of high-quality kitchen tools and gadgets that are made perfectly for the budding chefs. The set shown here includes a few cooking essentials, and can be found here.



Give an older child this knitting tower to provide them an introduction to knitting. The child will learn how to knit basic tubes which can be useful in lots of different ways. We like the idea of gifting a child with a tool that teaches them how to create with their hands. You can find this tower at Nova Natural, which has a great selection of unique toys and crafts that are thoughtful & sustainable.



Books are always a great non-toy gift for children, and you can make it even more unique by giving an audio book that comes with a CD. Children enjoy listening to audio books in the car, while playing, or we sometimes even listen to them over breakfast. Amazon has an endless selection of audio books, that you can find here (hint: you can even narrow the selection by age!). We’ve also listed a few of our favorites for the younger kids here:
The Gruffalo
Is your Mama a Llama?
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


We hope you enjoy this list of non-toy gifts for children. Also, don’t forget to stop by our shop to pick up a hand-drawn, small-batch printed card to go with your next non-toy gift!