Mail is magical to my two sons. Receiving mail addressed to them is always thrilling and the highlight of their day. They also love sending mail — excited for each and every step, from selecting a card to arguing over who gets to stick the card in the mailbox (and every step in between!). My oldest son has recently started asking endless questions about mail and how it works, which had me thinking about ways to teach him about this timeless tradition. I realized, what better way to encourage children’s curiosity about mail than through story-telling? We’ve come up with a list of our favorite children’s books about mail that you and your kids will love to read.



Awesome tips and tricks for teaching kids about mail. Such an important life skill.


Dear Mr. Blueberry is a cute fictional story about a girl who is on summer vacation. She thinks there is a whale living in her pond, and so she begins exchanging letters with her teacher to figure out what to do! This book does a great job of demonstrating for your child how two people can carry on a conversation through the exchanging of letters. Your child also will see examples of how to structure a letter which is useful as they are learning to write themselves.



Awesome tips and tricks for teaching kids about mail. Such an important life skill.


Letters from Felix is a story about a young girl’s rabbit, Felix, who gets lost at the airport and then ends up on a whirlwind tour around the world. His adventures are documented through letters he sends back home to his friend, which are included in the book as actual letters that you pull out of envelopes. You child will LOVE opening each letter throughout the book, and will also learn a bit about other countries in the process.




Delivering your mail is a simple book that talks about mail carriers and the process of delivering mail. This one is great for the pre-school kids or early readers with full page pictures and simple sentences. Kids will enjoy learning the basics of mail delivery from this book!




It came in the mail is a fun and imaginative story about a young boy who is sad about not receiving any letters, so he writes his mailbox asking to send him some mail. He starts receiving all sorts of interesting things in the mail, including a dragon. One day he decides to start sharing his treasures with other friends who don’t receive mail. This is a cute story with great illustrations that will give you a few giggles and smiles while teaching your child the benefits of sharing.



The Jolly Postman is a classic children’s book about mail that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Every other page in the book is an actual envelope with a letter tucked inside. The letters are all between familiar characters from classic children’s fairy tales such as Goldilocks to the Three Bears or Jack to the Giant. The book is written in verse-style, with makes for an enjoyable read along with thoughtful & detailed illustrations. This book is a great classic to add to your children’s book collection.


We hope you’ll enjoy these children’s books about mail and perhaps your child will be encouraged to start sending letters to their friends and family to keep in touch in a heartfelt and memorable way. Our shop has all the tools your child needs to send thoughtful greetings to their friends and family, or sign up for a subscription to automatically receive ready-to-send greetings each quarter that will allow you and your children to keep in touch in a simple and convenient way!