Cotton paper is considered a premium choice for printing stationery, and for good reason. The paper is brighter, print is more vibrant, and the fiber is stronger. If this alone wasn’t reason enough to choose cotton paper for your printing needs, it is also widely agreed to be an environmental paper choice. Here are four reasons why cotton is a more sustainable paper choice than traditional wood pulp-based paper made
from trees.

Cotton paper is made from scraps

Cotton paper is made from the leftover cotton linters from textile manufacturing, or, in other words, cotton scraps that would otherwise go unused.

Cotton paper uses less energy

Cotton fibers have less lignin, or complex compound, than wood fiber, and therefore required less processing to turn into useable paper. Less processing means less energy usage.

Cotton plants requires less chemicals

Cotton can be made into paper with very few, if any, chemicals. Paper made from wood-pulp, on the other hand, requires chemicals to bind the pulp together into paper material.

Cotton plants are rapidly renewable

Cotton plants grow and replenish quickly, meaning they can be replanted and new cotton plants are ready for harvest much quicker than trees. This results in a more sustainable method of making paper.

Cotton paper was an easy and obvious choice to use for printing our greeting cards. We can feel good about creating cards with a more sustainable paper that also prints beautifully.